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I did it. I wrote a web series.


I did it. I wrote a web series. I wrote it, I starred in it, and I produced it. YES, I AM A GOD. WHERE IS MY OSCAR?

I was watching an HBO docunmetary, "Americans in Bed" (if you have not seen it it is quite fascinating), it was talking about the different relationships in the United States. One relationship was between a man and a woman, we will call them Larry and Diane, and Larry was discussing all the great things about Diane and the wonderful times they have had together. They were perfect... then it cut to Diane crying. Larry reveals that he is polyamorous, and Diane is not. For anyone who does not know what polyamorous means, "it is the practice or desire for intimate relationships with more than one partner, with all partners knowing".

Larry is not a bad guy for being polyamorous, however, Diane does not practice polyamory, and it breaks her heart to know that he wants a relationship with more than one woman. When Larry was asked for his reason for not wanting to have a monogamous relationship with Diane, he simply replied that it wasn't fair for him to be with only one woman.

I got angry.

It is not fair that we repeatedly see the same type of show... one man to five women. We have a reality TV show (Sister Wives), we have an HBO drama (Big Love), and we have it in every damn romantic comedy or romantic love story (the guy has all these chicks but he doesn't like them cause they are 'too easy' so he needs to find a pretty virgin but she has emotional issues... BLAH BLAH BLAH (it happens so many times that I can't keep count! (Tune in for my next blog and I will count them)).

I want a new story, you hear me world?! I want a story, nay, a comedy, of a woman leading her herd of men to a white picket fence fairy tale and they obey and do all the dirty dishes, and dust, and clean the bathroom. And they don't complain!

That is when the idea hit me... Brother Husbands. A Matriarchy! A woman in a polyamorous relationship with three different men! IT'S BRILLIANT.

I didn't tell anyone about my idea at first, it needed to stay a secret. At the time I was in a play, and when I wasn't on stage I was in the dressing room constructing this special idea. Afterwards, I would go home and write it down. During my day job, I would sit at the host stand and write on the back of napkins. Night after night I wrote it down, I could hear the voices in my head talking louder and louder, and I had to get the idea on paper before the voices ran away!

The time came to show my friend. I was nervous. If he didn't like it, then I probably would have scrapped the whole idea right then and there... it was the opposite. He loved it and encouraged me to finish it.

The rest speaks for itself. I asked friends to read it out loud. They ended up playing the parts they read. A director found us and we worked our asses off trying to get this 'thing' to be more than a thing. Now we are here, promoting it on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (if you are not following us, you should), hoping to get a following (really we need a following, I can't handle the pain if only my parents watch this.).

I'm so fucking proud of this. When you truly believe in something and find a group of people who believe in it with you... you're unstoppable. There were some bumps in the road (sorry, I threw that rock at you, Tony), but we kept going... like the energizer bunny. I am so happy (anxious) to share this with you this fall, I hope you love it, laugh at it, and share it... cause it has been mind blowing creating something like this, and I hope I can keep doing it.

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