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Go Travel, dammit.

I mean it.

The plane landed, I could hear the clicking of seat belts coming undone, the clicking of people texting on their phones, and the faint clicking of the flight attendants walking up and down the aisles collecting trash. I nudged my friend awake from her nap and we got up, carried our backpacks off the plane and clicked back into civilization.

I have heard the tales of friends who have gone on far off adventures.... I don't know if Frodo technically counts as a friend but in my heart he is pretty cool. They tell the grand stories of their trip, the weird situations they get into, and the culture clashes from one person to another, and they speak passionately of the land they visited... as if they fell in love. I always wanted to go on a trip like that. I wanted to fall in love with adventure.

Last summer, I was feeling down (if you do not believe me, read my first blog 'Life is a half baked cake'). I was exhausted and wanted a break. Not sure what kind of break I wanted... but I wanted it. I heard two people speaking about traveling and listing the most affordable places to go. My heart was racing. I believe that if something is meant to happen, life will make it happen. In that moment, I got life's phone call.

The next day I emailed my best friend with a six paragraph and 16 bullet point explanation about why we needed travel. She lives all the way in Sweden but she was the only one I wanted with me on this trip, and she was going... WHETHER SHE WANTED TO OR NOT!!!!!

She said yes, and that I didn't need the bullet points.

People were skeptical when I first told them about my adventure, my parents laughed, and my siblings nodded and said, "do you."

I did "do me" I did me so hard. I saved up my money, I worked extra shifts and every holiday. Whenever I was tired I told myself, "you can sleep on vacation."

I had no expectations for Nicaragua. I never had an urge to go to South America... when we decided to go I was a little scared... That is why it was great. I allowed myself to be nervous and excited. I allowed myself to not over think anything. I allowed myself to go out of my comfort zone and say, "fuck it, I'm going to be fine". I wish I would have learned how to do that much earlier in my life... Prom would have been so much better.

I won't do a break down of each day (you will be reading this for a week), however, I will say this, yes, I went to Nicaragua, yes, it was an impoverished country, and, yes, it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Never, in a million years would I think I would stand on top of an active volcano, go surfing while it was raining, or climb a mountain for 9.5 hours in the mud and rain (there was a lot of rain). I didn't have a computer with me, no headphones in my ears, and I didn't talk about agent meetings or auditions. I was reminded of life outside of Hollywood, and it was beautiful.

Getting off the plane in the United States was a shock. I see a 12 year old girl taking pictures on snap chat, another woman talking on the phone to her friend about work, and, like Frodo realizes after returning to the Shire, the truth hit me... the adventure is over.

A small voice crept into my head and I heard her say, "when are we planning the next one?"

I smiled to myself, and walked off the plane, ready for another adventure.

Go travel, dammit. Leave your comfort zone behind and go see the world. Stop worrying about the small things, save your money, and get out there. I promise you, your problems will still be here when you get back, but you will be different.

It is worth it. It really, really is.

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